Introducing the NHRMC Patient Transfer Center

January 23, 2009
Improved process helps referring hospitals and physician offices expedite patient transfer and admission.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center Regional Communications has introduced a new Patient Transfer Center. This team will help ensure the transfer of patients to and from NHRMC is smooth and efficient. The center will assist with hospital-to-hospital transfers as well as direct admissions from physician offices.

Launched January 5 by the Regional Communications division of NHRMC Emergency Services, this process represents a more patient- and provider-focused approach to how transfers are orchestrated. Now when a referring physician calls to transfer a patient, the Patient Transfer Center will handle the call, contacting an accepting physician and conferencing the two physicians together. With all parties on the phone, medical information will be shared, bed placement options discussed, and transport details confirmed.

The primary goal of the system is to make clear all patient transfer arrangements with a single call from the physician, saving physicians valuable time and enhancing and expediting systemwide communications and ultimately benefiting patient safety and continuity of care. Documentation performed as part of the process will also ensure compliance with the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA).

Regional Communications will also manage direct admission requests from local physician offices. By funneling all requests for admission into the Transfer Center, we hope to streamline the process for physicians and improve satisfaction. Patients will also benefit from more rapid transport and immediate placement in NHRMC if their injuries or illnesses are critical.

To reach the Regional Transfer Center, please continue to use 815.5155, or our new regional toll free Admit line of 1.866.973.ADMT (2368).