Pender Memorial Hospital receives $75,000 grant

April 02, 2009
Pender Memorial Hospital has received $75,000 in grant funding through the North Carolina Office of Rural Health and Community Care for updating and improving patient-safety equipment and hospital security.

The Office of Rural Health, which is part of the NC Department of Health and Human Services, is administering funds for projects that specifically address issues critical to the long-term viability of rural hospitals.

“This grant is the direct result of your elected representatives in the North Carolina General Assembly determining that the viability of rural hospitals is an ongoing effort they want to support,” said Matt Womble, Rural Hospital Specialist. “We’re very happy at the Office of Rural Health and Community Care to facilitate this grant process in order to help Pender Memorial Hospital continue to achieve its mission for the community it serves.”

The monies will go towards replacing the hospital’s main entrance with safer motion-activated sliding doors, installing card-swipe interior doors to control access to some clinical areas, upgrading the existing fire alarm control system and purchasing a specialized helipad fire extinguisher. The hospital will also replace and add several handicap-accessible ramps and walkways.

“We are very appreciative of the financial support that the state is able to provide, even during these difficult economic times,” said Al Owens, Chair of the PMH Board of Trustees. “This hospital has a responsibility to ensure that our facilities are continually upgraded to adhere to the stringent safety standards that are set forth and this grant will help us to do that.”

Pender Memorial Hospital has been serving Pender County and its surrounding communities since 1951. Over the years, the hospital has grown well beyond the original 22,000-square-foot structure. Today, all 102,738-square-feet of the facility, in areas both old and new, are being utilized so that Pender Memorial Hospital can fulfill its mission to provide quality primary healthcare.

“The safety of the 41,000 residents of Pender County, the 286 PMH employees and the countless others who visit the Pender Memorial Hospital campus is of utmost importance to us,” said David Long, Administrator for Pender Memorial Hospital. “Upgrading these systems now will allow the hospital to extend the life of our current facilities for approximately 10-15 years and enhance its potential for providing additional services. We sincerely appreciate the assistance that we have received from Director John Price and his team at the NC Office of Rural Health.”

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