Morgan Wallace, RN, Earns November Employee Excellence Honor

November 20, 2020
Morgan Wallace EOE

If Morgan Wallace is on a patient’s team, they’re going to get efficient, life-saving care -- and her team members are going to learn something new.

Morgan is an expert cardiac nurse in the CVICU. In her 10 years at NHRMC, she has continually improved her knowledge and skills at the bedside, and she has helped her colleagues learn more, too. 

During a heart surgery post-op, one of Morgan’s patients started bleeding significantly and lost blood pressure. This is a rare situation, but it’s one that Morgan was familiar with as an instructor for open heart ACLS. Morgan was able to prepare the patient so quickly that the surgeon was in the chest within 3 minutes -- 2 minutes quicker than the national gold standard of 5 minutes for this procedure. Morgan’s quick thinking helped to save this patient’s life. 

Morgan’s knowledge makes her an invaluable resource for the night shift. She’s also known for her ability to build camaraderie among her coworkers, organizing breakfast outings after their shifts. This small act helps build a more cohesive -- and therefore effective -- night shift team. 

Morgan also uses her artistic talent to benefit NHRMC and its families. Her t-shirt designs honoring cardiologists Dr. Paul Payne and Dr. Henry Patel have raised almost $7,000 for the American Heart Association, but they’ve also touched the doctors’ families. Dr. Patel’s wife liked Morgan’s drawing so much that she asked Morgan to make it into a print to hang in her home. In true Morgan fashion, she got to work immediately, printing and framing the artwork so the Patel family could have it a few days later. 

Morgan Wallace, CVICU expert cardiac nurse, represents what NHRMC is all about. For that reason, she is the November Employee of Excellence.


Pictured: Morgan displays one of the T-shirts she designed for NHRMC.