Long Term Disability

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NHRMC provides basic Long Term Disability insurance through Sun Life Financial at no cost to full time employees (0.8 FTE and greater). Long term disability insurance ensures you a regular income if you are injured or become ill and you are unable to work for an extended period of time. Claims are first subject to approval by the carrier. The insurance provides 60% replacement of base salary, not to exceed $20,000 per month, beginning on the 91st day of an approved disability. Replacement salary continues as long as you are certified disabled by the carrier or until retirement age.


You are eligible for long term disability insurance if you are a 0.8 FTE or greater.


Employees have the option of purchasing the 60-day policy that shortens the waiting period for replacement salary to 60 days. You can calculate your bi-weekly cost with the following equation: (Your base annualized salary) x (.0001681) = (cost each pay period). There is a 12 month pre-existing exclusion on the buy–up option.

Accrued PDOs must be used to supplement income during qualified FMLA or LOA’s prior to long term disability.

Health Questions

You are not required to answer health questions on the basic LTD coverage. However, if you choose the LTD 60-day waiting period option and you do not elect it when you are first benefit eligible but choose to enroll during open enrollment, you will be required to answer health questions before you are approved.

Applying for Disability

Contact your HR Benefits Administrator at 910-343-7049 for a disability application and assistance with this process.  Click here for more on requesting a leave of absence

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