Fitness Center Programs

The Jack Barto Center for Employee Fitnessr offers special programs to help members begin an exercise program, focus on weight loss, and stay fit.  Enrollment opportunities come throughout the year.

About the Programs

Each of the fitness center programs has been specially designed to meet the needs of our members. We offer programs for all fitness levels and to meet different fitness goals. Fitness center programs are overseen by Sheri Albertson, Program Coordinator. For more information about our programs, you can reach Sheri at (910) 667-4151 or by email.

About Sheri

Sheri Albertson

Sheri Tire Flip

National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit Endurance certified

BS in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine
Campbellsville University, Kentucky

With more than 17 years experience as a personal trainer and longtime background in physical fitness, Sheri specializes in sport specific training, speed and agility, weight loss and toning. Sheri is the creator of the 12 to Life, Weight Loss Challenge and FITastic Kids p rograms. Sheri’s goal is to make exercise contagious, and she is passionate about helping people change their lifestyles and reach their goals.

Personal Safety Self Defense Class

Women's Class

The Personal Safety Self Defense class is a six-week course specific for women. The focus is to educate environmental awareness and teach escape and defense skills. The course includes lecture, discussion and self-defense techniques suitable for women of all ages and abilities.  Register Online

9 to Life

Designed for beginners

  • Teams of five meet with a trainer two times per week for instruction on using machines, learning to exercise correctly and for nutritional guidance
  • Participants commit to 18 sessions at $9 per person
  • If you are ready to start exercising regularly and eating healthier, but don't know where to begin - this program is for you!

Weight Loss Challenge

Designed for those looking to lose weight

  • Teams of 5-6 work out with a dedicated personal trainer two times per week, receive nutritional counseling and compete in two Saturday Team Challenges
  • Competitors commit to 20 training sessions at $10 per person (60 spots available on a first come, first served basis)
  • I f you want to step up your weight loss efforts and want the structure, motivation and fun of a team-based program, then this program is what you are looking for!

FITastic Kids

This kids' program is designed to teach kids (and parents) about exercise, nutrition and how to stay healthy. The 10-week-FiTastic Kids program is held once a year in January and is open to children of fitness center members ages 7 to 12. Using games and activities, FiTastic Kids teaches kids how to live an active lifestyle.

  • Teams of 5-6 participants meet twice a week with a trainer at $10/session
  • Parent involvement is part of the program

Note: Graduates of the FITastic Kids program can continue their active lifestyle by taking the FITastic Kids Graduate class offered as part of the regular class schedule. If you are interested in an abbreviated version of the program so that your child can participate in the Graduates class, please contact Sheri at