Hospital Police


Contacting Hospital Police

  • 17th Street: 910.343.2444

  • NHRMC Orthopedic Hospital: 910.667.8100

  • Offsite locations: 910.343.2444

Identification Badges

How to properly wear your badge:

  • Above the waist on outermost clothing
  • Picture and name turned outward
  • No pins or stickers on badge

Value of your badge:

  • Identification
  • Access Control
  • Fitness Center
  • Time and Attendance
  • Cafeteria/Au Bon Pain/Lighthouse Purchases (Excluding PMH & NHPG & Home Care)
  • Gift Shop Purchases (Excluding PMH & NHPG & Home Care) 

There will be a $15 replacement fee for a lost badge.

Parking Permits


Vehicle decal colors

  • Red (Physicians)
  • Black (On-campus employees)
  • Pink (Women's & Children's)
  • Blue (Off-site employee lots)
  • Green (Medical Mall and Foundation)
  • Orange (students off-site)  

Parking permits are not required for Pender Memorial Hospital and NHRMC Home Care employees unless they make regular visits to the Wilmington locations.

Emergency phones are located in elevators, parking deck and parking lots.