Service Excellence

An explanation of New Hanover Regional Medical Center's service excellence program for new employees.

A Culture of ALWAYS 

At NHRMC, we pride ourselves on our consistency of excellent service.  We believe in the importance of upholding our values, goals, and standards not sometimes, not mostly, but always.  We live by this culture of always to ensure paramount care and attention for all our customers, every time they come to NHRMC.  As an employee, we know you will strive to maintain these standards not sometimes, not mostly, but always.   


All employees, regardless of job title, should always use this guideline to frame their interactions with others.Its purpose is to reduce anxiety among patients and families and to help establish expectations among colleagues.   

  • Acknowledge the patient. Use their last name if possible.
  • Introduce yourself, your job title, and any other relevant information that may put the patient more at ease.
  • Duration of procedure. Describe how long the procedure will take, how long they're going to be there, how long they may have to wait for test results, etc.
  • Explain the tests, any type of pain involved, what happens next, and so on. Connect key words with patient safety and "excellent service."
  • Thank you. Thank the patient for their time and for choosing our hospital.

Standards of Performance

  • Teamwork:  We have a common purpose serving our community.  Our coworkers are our teammates.  With everyone contributing our job performance will excel.
  • Ownership: Each employee is responsible for the outcome of his or her efforts and actions.  Our work is a reflection of ourselves as caring professionals.
  • Communication: We listen to our customers and teammates to fully understand their needs. Our messages should be delivered with courtesy, clarity, and care.
  • Compassion: Our desire is to meet our customer’s needs with the utmost compassion, care, and courtesy.

Who is our customer?

At NHRMC, we define our customers as any individual that enters our doors or uses our services to include patients and their families, visitors, employees, volunteers, physicians, and students.