Make a Difference In Your Faith Community, Sign Up To Be a Lay Health Navigator

September 16, 2020
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Three of our departments – Community Engagement, Health Equity and Spiritual Care – are joining to build what we expect to be the cornerstone of our community outreach - a network of faith communities with whom we will partner, engage and explore needs within their congregations, while also providing tools and opportunities to address the social determinants of health. We recognize that a person’s relationship with their faith community offers a unique aspect of trust that we wish to build upon. For instance, did you know one in four individuals who seek help for mental illness turn to faith leaders before they seek help from clinical professionals?

We are offering two unique opportunities to make a difference in your faith community. We are working to identify and train lay health navigators to offer support, promote prevention, drive individuals to resources, host educational events, and most importantly offer support throughout their church member’s care. Secondly, in partnership with SEAHEC, we are offering a Faith Community Nurse certification for RNs that want to expand their skill set into the faith community and focus on healing the body, mind and spirit.

We value our diverse and extraordinary workforce, and see our employees as a big piece of our community engagement efforts. We need volunteers to act as these lay health navigators and faith community nurses, could that person be you? Or, it could be that you already know who that person is within your faith community and can introduce us. Just about every congregation has “that person” who would nurture the group – if given the correct tools.

Let us know if you are “that person,” or can help us find the one. Or if your organization simply needs this type of outreach. Please complete this survey form: